Our Mission

Rock Bottom Farms is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity that builds farms to create food, shelter and jobs to rehabilitate those in need.

This project is a full-spectrum vocational experience that also builds farms. Teaching crews of men and women the business of building and maintaining farms is part of our mission to help relieve economic stress for groups of less fortunate in need of opportunity. The production of this farm school is a vision to provide employment, food, shelter and true self-sustaining lifestyles to those who want and need them. Our vision is broad, the therapeutic nature of the farm experience encourages:

  • Finding renewed purpose by working in apprentice / master trade programs
  • Giving men opportunities to build farm safe houses for at-risk youth and struggling mothers
  • Empowering mothers and their children to rebuild and find success through education
  • Rehabilitation from chemical dependency
  • Keeping our youth involved in healthy activities geared for future building
  • Inspiring respect for the land

We are currently planting one of Orlando’s first of many urban gardens, teaching the public of the great importance of organic farming for the future of us and our children while helping to raise awareness of self-sustainable agriculture.

How Can You Help?

Rock Bottom Farms is always looking for volunteers and donations to help our projects thrive. Take a look at the list of things we need to see if there’s any items you can donate, or you can make a contribution to the charity.

Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture practices not only heal the planet, they also can be a healing process for the farmer who practices them. The disciplines learned and the reuniting with the land can bring about positive change in one’s life. Part of our mission is to teach organic agriculture practices to people interested in improving their quality of life.

Health & Wellness

Another part of our mission is to create health for the community. We see health as a broad topic: mental, physical and spiritual. We are dedicated to bringing about health and healing for ourselves and others.